North West Coordinator

Mrs Asma Begum Mirza

Mrs. Asma Begum Mirza serves as the North West NWAP Coordinator, bringing a diverse skill set as a Pharmacist, Pharmacologist, Farmer, and Teacher. Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident through her development and processing of over 30 agricultural-based products. Her appointment as the North West Zone Coordinator emphasizes the organization’s commitment to instigating positive change in the lives of Nigerian women engaged in agriculture. Within NWAP’s organizational structure, each of the six geo-political zones is overseen by dedicated zonal coordinators, with Mrs. Begum assuming this role for the North West region. In her capacity as the North West coordinator, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the effective implementation of NWAP’s initiatives at the grassroots level of the region. NWAP’s overarching goal is to address the unique challenges faced by women in diverse agricultural communities across the North West States.