National Coordinator


Ambassador Omolara Svensson, a seasoned advocate for women’s rights and a champion for agricultural development, brings a wealth of experience and passion to NWAP. Her appointment as the national coordinator signifies the organization’s commitment to fostering positive change in the lives of Nigerian women engaged in agriculture.

Ambassador Omolara Svensson is an exceptional individual boasting over two decades of expertise in farming, commodities processing, and exports, complemented by a diverse professional background in media and business administration. Currently holding the position of Managing Director at O.O.K Group, where O.O.K Farms operates as a subsidiary, she leads an organization that stands out as a key player in Nigeria’s agricultural landscape, specializing in production, processing, sales, and global exports of agricultural products. Additionally, the company manages the O.O.K. Agribusiness School, dedicated to providing comprehensive training across the agricultural value chain, with the goal of fostering prosperity in agriculture and agribusiness for Nigerians. Ambassador Omolara Svensson is unwavering in her commitment to enhancing the country’s agricultural sector and providing support to aspiring individuals, particularly young people and women, pursuing careers in agriculture.